5 Tips For First Time CrossFitters

CrossFit: I’m Intersted, But Timid

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Question: I’ve never tried CrossFit, and I don’t know where to start. What do you suggest?

Answer: If you have already watched people do CrossFit, looked at tons of videos online of CrossFit, and still haven’t tried an official class…you gotta just go for it. I would always suggest going at least a few times so that you can get a feel for the environment, the programming, and the different instructors. Do not make a judgement after 1 class. If you don’t enjoy your experience at one box, make sure you try out another.

5 Tips for First-Timers

1. Call ahead or shoot an email to the gym owners. Let them know that you are new and interested, but would like to come in at a time when it is ‘least busy’ or when you could stop by just to see the place.

2. Go with a friend. Beg someone to go with you or ask someone who has mentioned it before if you can go with them.

3Go to a beginner’s or free class (most locations have this at some point during the week). If it doesn’t say so online, refer to #1.

4When you get there, approach another member and introduce yourself. Try saying something like, “it’s my first time, I’m a little nervous” or “I’m new, how did you get started here?”

5. Ask a ton of questions. Ask the coaches, owners and members about anything that you don’t understand. Make sure that when you leave you feel like you have a clear understanding of what happens, when, how, etc.


Remember, we all start somewhere. Every CrossFitter was a beginner at some point, who was nervous, timid, scared and hesitant, just like you.  I am not suggesting that this is the only way of getting fit or improving your health, I am simply giving some tips for people who are interested, yet feel nervous or uncomfortable.

The best way to grow, is to get comfortable being uncomfortable – FF

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