How To Balance Each Day | The 6 Pillars

How To Balance Your Life

Are you stressed, tired, overworked, stuck in a rut, unfocused, not reaching your goals or down in the dump? If so, I can guarantee you are not balancing your time and energy in an effective way. I do my best to balance these 6 aspects of life and suggest that you take a look at what areas take up your time and energy. Each day, you have about 16 hours to prioritize your time. The other 8 or so should be spent getting restful sleep in your amazing bed (put as much money into a great bed as you can…you spend 1/3 of your life there). If a couple of days get away from you, read this and bring yourself right back to balancing what matters. Get rid of all the other stuff in your life.

The 6 Pillars of Daily Balance

1. Self-Care – Exercise (check out the 50 FF Conditioners), nutrition and any appointments (physical or mental). Spend time improving your health.

2. Fun – Doing things you enjoy and are passionate about. Things that make you feel happy and alive. Spend time improving your mood.

3. Relaxation & Rejuvenation – The stuff in life that makes you feel ‘ahhhhhh’. Relaxing with a significant other or a little quiet and alone time is what most of us need. Spend time just being and recharging.

4. Giving to Others – Doing things for others, supporting a loved one, or volunteering. Maybe you do this for a living or for your kids. Spend time improving the lives of others.

5. Growth – Reading, praying or learning something new. Spend time improving the quality of your education, spirituality or mindset.

6. Sh*t List (also commonly referred to as “adult things”- You’ve gotta keep attacking your sh*t list. This is that stuff that is flat out annoying. The things you hate and don’t want to do. The stuff that is not that much fun. It is incredibly important to make time to take care of these things, because if not, it can bring major sources of complacency, stress, anxiety, etc.


  • Each of these pillars can be done alone or with others (especially with people who enhance the experience like a family member, best friend or significant other). Attacking your shit list with someone who is fun, may help. Doing something fun, with someone who is shitty, will not.
  • At the end of the week, order the pillars based on where you are spending most your time and energy. Then make the necessary shifts in your priorities. I work on this with all of my Training Clients and I am always maintaining and improving my own balance.

Why The Pillars Matter

You can not give your best to your fitness or sport goals when your life is out of whack. It will catch up to you and negatively impact your training. It will keep you from results.

Too much taking care of everyone else, your own health will suffer.

Too much self-care and you aren’t giving to others.

Too much relaxation and you become stale.

Too much of your shit list, and that just sucks. Ignore it, then you become overwhelmed, too comfortable or anxious.

Too much fun, well that is kind of debatable. If other pillars are lacking, you need to refocus. Once you achieve a healthy balance, you will find that you are able to have fun in almost any scenario and that is when you are really winning the balancing act.

Focus on spending your time in a way that your life is invigorating, healthy, joyful and purposeful. That way you are able to give your best to this world because your energy is vibrant.


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