6 Easy Ways To Not Get Results

6 Easy Ways To Not Get Results

You want to win? You want to see bigger changes in a smaller amount of time? I bet you are constantly thinking

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about the results that you want because you are driven towards progress.

Let’s cut to the chase. I want to quickly remind you of some of the best ways to stay in a rut, to travel backwards and to keep from having great results in your training and life.

We all know those people that struggle to get to where they want to be. Those people consistently have a hard time because their mentality sucks, and it impacts how they approach everything. Yea, that’s not a fun way to go through life.

1. Compare yourself to everyone else

The more you judge your success or worth against everyone else, the less you will see your own growth and results. Concentrating on what others are doing takes away from your focus on what you need to do.

2. Follow your own program

Go ahead and train yourself, workout on your own, and think that you don’t need any coaching. Thinking you know it all, is an incredibly awesome way to be stuck.

3. Complain about everything

Bitch about the weather, the workout, your soreness or tiredness, and every other little thing you can think of. Especially all of the things you can’t control, these should really be verbalized a lot…if you don’t want results.

4. Run away from challenges

Someone new wants to workout with you? Say no. A coach wants you to try something you have never done? Definitely don’t do that. Avoiding all things that make you uncomfortable puts you on the fast track to Nowheresville.

5. Focus on all the things you can’t do

Or the things you think you should be able to do. Always talk about what you think you should be capable of, but aren’t. Always worry about all those things that you can’t quite do yet, instead of any small victories.

6. Drudge through the process

Go to practice or your workout and roll through the motions with no real purpose, passion or goals. Don’t enjoy the ride, and only think about the results that you think you want so badly (but you forget why you even want them). This is a great way to never be happy or see positive changes.*Feeling Unmotivated? Read More HERE

Let me be the first to remind you, you never want to be that person that does the things listed above. At FF, we strive to be different. Doing those 6 things above are EASY. Anyone can do them, and most people do. Run as far as you can from thinking and acting like “most people”, if you want to see the results that set you apart.
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