The Simplest Weekly Grocery List

The Simplest, Healthiest, Quickest Grocery List

Can you do your grocery shopping in under 15 minutes?  IF know what you are getting, why you are getting it, and how to quickly navigate your favorite store or market….it can be quick an simple.

What Do I Buy?

For each week, I grab a few different proteins and some carbs (in the form of a lot of veggies and a couple of fruits). I also make sure that I’m stocked up on my fats and seasonings. For drinks, I get a couple of sparkling waters and teas (if I’m running low). Obviously, if you are feeding a family, stick to these same foods, but double or triple the volume!

Proteins – Organic eggs, Grassfed Beef, Organic/Free Range Chicken are weekly staples for me. Grab some wild caught seafood or try some organic elk, buffalo, venison. To bulk order your high-quality meat, go HERE

Vegetables – I almost always get a huge bag or box of organic mixed greens, peppers, onions, brussels sprouts, zucchini, kale, asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, eggplant, squash, mushrooms, carrots, and tomatoes.

You can get a lot of them pre-cut, to minimize your prep time. I also grab a few frozen veggies (especially diced onions, because I really don’t like cutting them) in case I run out of fresh food or am in a pinch. I make sure the freezer always has extra veggies and meats.

Fruits – Berries, grapes (to freeze), apples are my go-tos. Other good choices are apricots, bananas, kiwis, plums or melons.

Fats – I go through a lot of avocados, olives, coconut oil, evoo and coconut milk (in a can). Grab some nuts or nut buttes (cashews, pecans, macadamias, almonds are good choices *no peanuts or p.butter) but don’t go too crazy with them (I know I can, so I rarely keep nuts around). If you want to try some yummy, cleaner, to-go snacks, click HERE

Seasonings/Condiments – Grab some spices, sauces, salsas, mustard and balsamic. Stay clear of anything that has unnatural ingredients or any sugars. Read your labels. *The pic above is some common ones that I use that are clean!

Yes, that is all.

Do I Get Bored?

No. I love my eggs (hard boiled or Frittata w/veggies) in the morning and my huge salad for lunch. For dinner, I enjoy crock pot meals, grilled or baked meats and veggies, or a new creation from If I go out to eat, my meals are pretty much the same. They almost always consist of a protein and lots of veggies. I drink mostly water, tea, sparkling mineral water and black coffee (or americanos). *The pic above are some good and healthy drink choices.

Do I Ever Buy Treats?

Yes, occasionally, depending on how I feel. My favorites are coconut ice cream or some version of paleo granola (with almond milk). I know, kinda lame…but the less you have unhealthy foods, the less you want them. I don’ t enjoy feeling shitty, lethargic or having stomach issues. Don’t get me wrong, I will occasionally try new foods, a good red wine, or something special when I’m out to eat or at someone’s house.

Read my other thoughts on nutrition and why/how I eat this way HERE

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