How To Get Better At Pullups | 8 Tips

How To Get Better at Pullups | 8 Tips

First off, do not be intimidated by pullups if you haven’t done them in a long-ass time. They are one of the best movements for building strength and muscle in your entire upper body.  If you want to become strong and lean, feel better and perform your best, then follow the tips below!

1. Lose extra body fat – The more extra fat you are carrying on your body, the harder they will be – Reduce your body fat to a healthy percentage, and you’ll find that pullups become a hell of a lot easier – Don’t know what to eat to get rid of extra lbs? Read THIS

2. Use a full range of motion – Start with your elbows almost all the way extended (not fully straight, but the slight bend shouldn’t even be noticeable) and pull until your chin clearly goes over the bar, or pull until your chest makes contact with the bar, which is what I suggest to get the most bang-for-your-buck

3. Use assistance – If you can’t do strict pullups (yet), you can use a machine or bands attached to the bar and hooked under your knees or feet like the image below in order to practice strict, tight reps with a full range of motion. You can also practice inverted rows bc they are simple to modify to any level

4. Pull regularly in your training – I suggest doing some variation of a vertical pull (aka pullup, any grip) or a horizontal pull (inverted rows – shown in pic below, db rows) at least 2x a week

5. Use a variety of grips – There is plenty of research showing the benefits of different grip variations, therefore I suggest that you train them all – Ex: wide (outside of your shoulders), narrow (inside of your shoulders), underhand, overhand and alternate

6. Before you start your pull, make sure your lats are engaged – Pull your shoulder blades back & down, away from your ears as much as possible (in the pic below you see the relaxed scapula and on the right you see a much better setup with a packed scapula and tight upper back)


7. Before you pull, tighten your core and get in a hollow position – To do this, pull in your belly button as hard as you can, tuck your pelvis under and squeeze your glutes


8. Strengthen your grip – Practice fat bar holds, farmers walks, dumbbell and barbell work and various finger and grip exercises


*If you want to be better at Kipping Pullups, then you still need to practice strict pullups to gain strength. A great circuit to improve your Kipping Pullups looks like this: Do 10 ring rows, 5 strict pullups, then 1 minute of kip drills. – Do this circuit 3-5 times through, which should take you about 15 minutes. This is a great session of Kipping Pullup work. – Make sure you follow the rest of the tips above and use just enough assistance for your strict pullups that it is challenging to get through the 5 reps each time.

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