FF Athlete Update

FF Athlete Update

Jason and I have worked together in the past to improve his nutrition and mental performance. About five months ago, he contacted me to take his training to the next level. He had some lofty goals, and I knew it would be a blast to work with him.

I currently program his workouts for him on a weekly basis (managed online through regular communication) and we meet to train together, about once a week. He wanted to gain strength, improve his conditioning, stay injury-free and he wanted to participate in some pretty crazy endurance events. This guy is amazing. Check out this interview with Jason.

1. What is the biggest improvement you have had in last 5 months of training?

I would say the lifts and my strength.

My Back and Front Squats have gone up over 30lbs.

My Clean has improved by over 40lbs.

My Jerk by over 30lbs.

My Deadlift has gone up over 85lbs.

I feel fully confident in all major lifts as our focus is always on form. I seldomly lifted before, only if I did CrossFit (which I stopped over a year ago). Now my technique has improved, and when I go for a max effort, usually it increases due to improved form/strength.
I would say the improvements on lifts has made hill running easier as well.  It is improving strength which helps with the climbs and my endurance.

2. What is your next event? Tell us a little about your schedule and plan.

My next race is the Yukon Arctic Ultra 300 mile. It officially starts Feb 3 and I have 8 days to finish. Also, doing a couple days of snow training before, to mostly remember how to deal with subzero temperature. (can be as low as -40 or 50 celsius, currently around -10 to -30 C). My plan is to hit up 2 checkpoints per rest/day. and sleep 4-6 hours each time. The checkpoints are approximately 35 miles apart. I have to drag a sled to keep my gear and 2 days rations in case I get lost.


The Yukon Arctic Ultra from Yukon Arctic Ultra on Vimeo.

*Jason has already completed and participated in many ultra-endurance events under different terrains aka he is a badass

3. Why do you want to train strength, power and gymnastics when you have upcoming endurance events that are important to you?

I love endurance events, but training other things allows me to be a more well-rounded athlete. One of the benefits of this program is I almost never have pain (knee issues, ITB etc..) that is typical for runners.  I also never get bored and I look forward to each training day as the workouts all challenge me a little bit differently.

Another benefit, is sometimes I like to do random things such as swimming a few miles in the ocean, or Goruck Challenges, or other things that have nothing to do with running. If I was specialized in endurance-type activities only,  then I would have to train in new ways. This way I can just go for it and enjoy it.

4. Are you crazy?

Define crazy? If you define it as trying to see what I can do, and have a great time doing it…then I’m fairly nuts.

Coaches Notes

I know Jason is going to have an awesome time at The Yukon Arctic Ultra. He appreciates the planning/prep of all of his events. He looks forward to being in nature and seeing the amazing views. He loves challenges and simply always wants to do his best. We have worked on all aspects of his training and mindset. We will continue to work together when he gets back and after a week or so off (I’m sure he will be antsy to get back to training). He understands the FF Mantras and is a great representation of all of the FF Training Philosophies. I can’t wait to hear about his journey!


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