8 Killer Movements For The Backside of Your Body

8 Killer Movements For Your Back, Glutes & Hamstrings

and some tips

You better be doing at least 3 of these moves every single week

1. Deadlifts – The king of posterior chain movements – If you are a beginner, start by training the movement with a pvc pipe – Then move to a barbell or a trap bar and pull from just below the knees so that you can get used to keeping your lats engaged and your back in a neutral position – Then progress to full range of motion and begin to add weight with a goal of improving strength – Think about pressing the floor down away through your heels.

2. Squats – Begin with an air squat and master the mechanics and range of motion first – Then practice back squats with a pvc pipe or an empty barbell and make sure you can keep proper form and range of motion before adding weight – Always focus on keeping your midline tight, keeping the majority of your weight in your heels and getting below parallel.

3. KB Swings – Begin with a light kb and practice chest height swings keeping a tight back – Think about snapping your hips and squeezing your glutes – Sloppy swings with a broken midline are really not good for you – Progress to overhead swings and heavier kbs only if you can maintain proper mechanics.

4. Inverted Rows – Use trx straps, rings, a dip bar or a smith machine and practice keeping a tight core while pulling your bodyweight in a full range of motion – Increase the intensity of the movement by getting as horizontal as possible or adding a weight vest.

5. Pullups – Start with assisted pullups (either with a machine or with bands) and practice strict, full range of motion pullups with varying grips (underhand, overhand, wide, close, alternate) – Begin to decrease the assistance and increase the reps once your build some strength.

6. Reverse Hypers (extensions) – Practice this movement with no assistance and increase your strength by doing sets of 10-20 reps – If you don’t have access to a reverse hyper, you can sub ghd hip extensions, or use a box/bench (like in the video below) to strengthen your glutes and lower back.

7. Split Squats – First practice and master standing lunges and then walking lunges – If you are ready for more of a challenge try bulgarian split squats – It is important to train single-leg movements and all variations of lunges will light up your legs and glutes.

8. Single Leg Rdls – You can practice this movement with a light weight (or no weight and holding onto something like a pole, smith machine or trx straps) and a smaller range of motion until you are able to keep your balance and reach the weight below your knees while keeping your back engaged and your foot flat on the ground.

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