How To Stay Organized & Focused

How To Stay Organized & Focused

Keys To Remembering The Important Things


You have a lot going on in my mind and you have tons of stuff to do. How do you keep yourself on track and make sure that you stay focused on what’s most important?

If you want to achieve your goals and feel less stressed, then keep a positive mindset and stay proactive.

Here are some ways to help you remember what’s important, so that you can stay on track. I’ve included some examples too! I use a combination of these techniques and it sure helps me remember the important stuff and stay present.

1. Lists: When you think about it, write it down. Try to keep your lists in one place, whether that’s a notepad on your phone, or a journal, that way you know where to find them. I keep all of my “notes” on my iPhone and I have a handful of very important lists like; to-do, people I want to talk to weekly, ideas, places I want to explore, books or music I want to look into and some other random things.

2. Post-it notes: Leave yourself a little note somewhere where it will impact you. Put a quote, or a reminder on a sticky note and leave it where you will see it. A positive reminder in your car or on your bathroom mirror, can go a long way towards keeping you grateful and present.

3. Calendar alerts: Use a calendar and schedule out your days. If you want to do something (even if it’s “take a break”) then put it in your schedule with a reminder. Structuring your days is key. I swear by my gcal which is synced to my phone and computer and I share it with the people who I spend the most time with.


4. Pictures or quotes: Put affirmations or pictures somewhere that will help you remember what’s important to you, or that will remind you of a goal. I regularly change the background image on my computer to a gorgeous place in nature that I want to travel to, put quotes on my iPhone wallpaper and set specific reminders with things that inspire me.

5. Timers and alarms: Set one of these to remind you to do something, or give yourself a time limit if you’re trying to stay with a certain schedule. If I’m trying to get a project done, I’ll set a timer and make myself focus on only that for a certain period of time with no distractions. 


6. Voice notes: If you can’t write it down or you’re in a rush, record yourself a voice note. I talk to Siri a lot and have her remind me of things at certain times.

7.  Social media: Share with your friends and followers on social media what your goals are or what you’re focused on.

8. Tell someone: If you keep forgetting, putting it off, or not prioritizing it…then tell someone who cares about you and ask them to remind you, support you or challenge you. I tell people to stay on me about certain tasks that I want to stay dedicated to and they help hold me accountable.

I swear by lists, I think I would go crazy trying to remember everything without writing it down. Plus, I love checking things off lists, putting a line through a task, or erasing the memo when I’m done with it.

Which of these to you utilize to help keep you on track?

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