How To Reach Your Goals | 8 Tips

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If you want to improve in fitness or life, then it’s important that you have clear and specific goals. First, you’ll want to understand what you want to do, when you want to do it and why it motivates you. Then, you’ll want to set out a plan and get to work. Setting goals, and having desires is often the easy part, but committing and following through are a bit more challenging.

Remember that the process of striving towards your goals, will have a positive effect on your daily life, and that the results are simply icing on the cake.

8 Tips To Help You Set and Accomplish Your Goals

1. Pursue something that matters to you. You won’t put the necessary training or work into a goal that isn’t that appealing to you, or is to satisfy someone else. It’s imperative that you choose something that motivates you to change and improve. You have to either believe that it’s very important or, it has to really excite you. The stronger your will, the more likely you will fight to achieve that goal. Make sure that you’re going after something that you really matters to you.

2. Assess where you currently are in relation to your goal. Accurately measure where you are right now. If it’s a habit that you want to change, know how often you do it, or don’t do it, by tracking your actions. If you want to get faster, or stronger, make sure you record your current abilities so that you have a baseline and are aware of where you are.

3. Write out a plan of smaller goals. Make daily, weekly and monthly lists of specific things that you must do to get closer to your goal. Post your lists and plans where you will regularly see them. You can always add or subtract from your lists, but as you accomplish your smaller goals, you’ll begin to see and feel positive changes.

4. List what you could cut down on, or give up, to get closer to your goal. It’s common to think of what we need to do more of, in order to get the results we want, but I find that it’s very effective to see if there’s anything we need to do less of as well. What could you stop doing in order to get closer to your goal? Take the time to understand your habits and know what you can eliminate that will help you improve.

5. Recruit your support team. Talk with your training partners, loved ones and coaches about your goal and how important it is to you. Ask them to help keep you on track, support you and troubleshoot with you. Share your ideas, and listen openly to their feedback.

6. Commit to regular assessments. The only way to know if you have set a realistic goal is to consistently reassess where you are in relation to it. If you’re not seeing progress, you may need to break your goals down even further or tweak your training plan. Schedule out a timeline of assessments so that you can make the necessary changes.

7. Focus on what you can control. After you’ve set your goal, and you know what you need to do, continue to remind yourself to focus on the factors you can influence. You can’t always control if you come out on top, but you can control your effort and attitude. You can’t control the future, so think about enjoying the present. Continue to remind yourself to focus on your technique, nutrition, rest and mindset (because you can’t control much else).

8. Keep your thoughts and words positive. Replace “I should” and “I have to” with “I want to” and “I will.” Continue to remind yourself why you have chosen this goal and how amazing it feels to go after it. Enjoy the process and stay optimistic.


That’s that! Which of these tips could you implement or do better? Comment below

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