What Paleo Foods To Pack For An Adventure


Ready for an adventure?  A weekend getaway? Going camping? I’m always planning something fun and I try to get out and travel at least once a month. I’m a big fan of quickly throwing some stuff in a cooler, packing a bag, and going to explore for a couple of days (or more).  I also choose to eat real, nutrient-dense foods most of the time. I know that “paleo-eating” makes me feel, and perform my best, so it’s important that I stay on track wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing.

So, if you like to go do things, yet you still want to eat clean, this post is for you. If you like to be spontaneous, and keep things simple…then even better. Don’t let the idea of “packing for a trip” hold you back from going on one! I can pack to go camping in under 15 minutes, without any prep at all. Now, if you have more time, and want to prep some foods before you hit the road, then go for it. Sometimes, I take the time to prep and put a bit more effort into meals, but often I just go to the store, then throw the necessities in a cooler just before leaving. Healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.


My Top 15 Foods to Take on a Road Trip or Camping Trip

1. Hard Boiled Eggs

2. Deli Meat (I prefer Applegate)







3. Grilled Chicken Breast

4. Peppers

5. Apples

6. Mashed Potatoes

7. AMRAP and or Rx Bars







8. Romaine Lettuce or Gluten Free Bread from Costco for wraps/sandwiches

9. Avocado (or premade guac)

10. Cucumbers








Other Necessities: I also pack my Pure Pharma – 3 Packs (because they are so easy to travel with – use the code “fletcher” at checkout for your discount). Oh and for drinks, I always travel with my Camelbak 750ml water bottle and I normally bring some cold brew coffee, green juice or smoothies, coconut water and sparkling mineral water.


Where are you headed for your next adventure?

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