Tips For Minimalism


Can you get rid of more of what is unnecessary so that you can focus on what really matters?

Eliminate & Reduce

There are enormous benefits to simplifying and minimizing. We can reduce our stress levels and improve the quality of our lives by getting rid of the excess. Continue to find ways to simplify and you’ll feel more at ease, and more full of purpose and energy. The less anxious, busy or unsatisfied you are, the better you’ll be.

What can you simplify to live more fully?

1. Your Language – Try not to chatter or gossip and aim to speak with fewer words. Eliminate negative talk to yourself and about others. Talk purposefully, honestly and positively.

2. Your Possessions – Remove the “extra” from your life and continuously de-clutter your space and aim to live with less stuff. Regularly trash and donate. *see more tips below

3. Your Tech Time – Reduce your time behind a screen and spend far less time being connected to everyone and everything, all of the time on the internet. Regularly disconnect.

4. Your Commitments – Lessen the load of your busy schedule whenever you can. Commit to less, and open up your schedule for more spontaneity and fewer demands. Reduce your business.


Living With Less

Getting rid of excess “stuff” is simply one aspect of Minimalism (which is different for everyone). The idea is to eliminate the ideas, possessions, relationships, and activities that don’t really enhance your life or bring value to it.  It’s about de-cluttering your space and mind, simplifying and not living with the obsession of “needing” more.

That being said, there is nothing inherently wrong with having things, but Minimalism is a tool that can help you live more freely, with less fear, stress, guilt and restrictions. We can end up putting our passions, health, growth, relationships, free-time, and our desires to help others on the back burner because of our concern for our “things”. Ya know? I mean, that is just not good!

Which Place(s) Can You Declutter?

  • A desk full of pens, papers, old supplies, receipts
  • A hall closet full of unused linens, mismatched towels, and toiletries that haven’t been used in years
  • A junk drawer with old electronics, cords, games
  • A cupboard full of untouched kitchen ware, food, or supplies
  • A basement, garage, or attic full of boxes of old VHS or cassette tapes, bags, unread magazines, athletic gear you don’t use
  • A trunk or car space full of old paperwork, trash, or clutter
  • Countertops, fridges and shelves that have of receipts, coupons, change, cords or mail

I own very, very little in comparison to most others, but I’m still working on living a more Minimalist Life. I’m drawn to it, and it helps me feel more free and alive. I like the idea that I could easily get rid of 3 pieces of furniture and the rest of my belongings would fit in my car. If the things I currently have, go bad or get old, I’ll simply replace them but I do not want any “extra” in my life, in my closets, under my bed, in my car, or in my cupboards. Each week, I continue to simplify and reduce as my goal is to have EVEN LESS.

By owning less, and therefore taking care of less, doing fewer errands, fewer chores, and less loads of laundry… I have a lot more time to help others, hang out with people I love, do what I’m passionate about, travel, create, relax, and pursue my goals.

5 Tips

  1. Begin by making a list of the things you know you want to keep.
  2. Start slowly, and begin trying to get rid of a few things and see how you feel living without them.
  3. Think about the other people who may be able to benefit from, or use what you currently don’t need.
  4. Donate or trash at least one item each week and continue to challenge yourself to think about what’s really necessary, purposeful, or helpful.
  5. Try to get rid of a bag of “stuff” from each area (kitchen, car, bathroom, closet, bedroom, bathroom, office) for the next 7-10 days. Donate the good stuff, trash the trash.
  6. Look at each of your spaces and attempt to create empty spaces by removing everything off of your fridge, countertops, top of your dresser, shelves. Try it for a week and see if you enjoy it more or not.

What are a few things that you know you could get rid of or simplify TODAY? Comment below.

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