Top Reads This Week 9.27.15

Top 3 Articles

At FF we are committed to learning and expanding. Here are a few articles that I enjoyed last week (9/27) and I wanted to pass them on to you guys. Enjoy!


Seven Ideas Shaping The Future Of Travel 


This was my favorite article of the week. If you love travel, adventure and reading about people doing cool shit…check this one out.

The Importance of Recovery Workouts


This article gives you 4 ways to actively recover from a tough week of training. I’d suggest adding in at least one of these types of workouts per week if you’re really hitting it hard.

12 Excellent Reasons To Eat More Vegetables 


Just a quick reminder to eat your damn veggies!  Hopefully after reading this one you’ll feel more motivated to get your vegetables in during each meal this week.


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