FF Top Reads 10.4.15

Top 3 Articles

At FF we are committed to learning and expanding.  We love to be inspired by others and we’re always looking for new insight on training, mindset & lifestyle. Here are a few articles that I enjoyed last week and I wanted to pass them on to you guys. Enjoy!


Vary Your Proteins

via OPEXfit.com

This article explains why it’s beneficial to eat your protein, and vary the types that you eat. Read this one so that you can get on track this week and practice mixing it up.

Let’s Play The Minimalism Game

via TheMinimalist.com

This article gives you a challenge to get rid of stuff each and every day for a month! Yes, you can do it!!! The challenge starts off slow and easy, check it out!

The Bench Press: Benefits and Risks 

via Catalyst Athletics.com

Do you bench regularly in your program? Could you benefit from adding it in there and practicing some different variations (incline, dumbbell, banded, etc.)?


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