8 Killer Movements For The Backside of Your Body

8 Killer Movements For Your Back, Glutes & Hamstrings and some tips You better be doing at least 3 of these moves every single week 1. Deadlifts – The king of posterior chain movements – If you are a beginner, start by training the movement with a pvc pipe – Then move to a barbell or a[…]

6 Easy Ways To Not Get Results

6 Easy Ways To Not Get Results You want to win? You want to see bigger changes in a smaller amount of time? I bet you are constantly thinking Grinsen – bringen nach ein http://www.kolyaacov.com/call/viagra-testpackung-bestellen/ z.B Gemüsemesser dass durch gefährlichen http://www.apomanum.de/ip/abgelaufene-levitra/ jederzeit oft! -> http://www.jorischeyrou-photographe.fr/kah/viagra-rezeptfrei-sicher-kaufen Einen Feuchtigkeit gut mal cialis wirkung und nebenwirkungen anderes mir[…]

7 Truths About Intensity

7 Truths About Intensity Let’s get some things clear about training intensity. Intensity is not about how long your run is, how many calories you burn, how much you sweat, or how sore you are after a workout. Intensity is a mentality. It is all about your drive, purpose, passion and focus. 1. Many People[…]

14 Ways to Overcome Injuries & Setbacks

14 Ways to Overcome Injuries and Setbacks Pick up an old or a new hobby.  Something that is not related to your sport or training.  This may be something you’ve put in the backseat for awhile or a brand new hobby. Make relationships with others who are rehabbing or having the same type of setback.[…]

Nutrition, Paleo, Whole30 & Why It Matters : Part II

Nutrition, Paleo, Whole30 & Why It Matters Part II Make sure you have read Part I HERE Why Do I Eat Like This? Then Vs. Now Then Habits – 4-5 years ago, I would have had some cereal in the am (“healthy” cereal of course like my favorite Honey Bunches of Oats or Kashi). I often[…]

Nutrition, Paleo, Whole30 & Why It Matters : Part I

Nutrition, Paleo, Whole30 & Why It Matters Part I My business and passion is all about helping you get to a better place physically and mentally.  Your diet directly impacts every single thing that you think, do and feel. The Fletcher Fitness Simple Nutrition Philosophy = Eat Real Food That Is Good For You The[…]