Fletcher Fitness Experience

Background and Experience Timeline


Imagine having a coach that completely understands how to take you to the next level, both physically and mentally. This is nearly impossible to find in today’s fitness industry. I have spent the past 14 years developing the ultimate background and education in fitness, sport performance and psychology. I’ve coached thousands of people to their goals and  I have always been passionate about helping people get the most out of themselves. This is why I started both FletcherFitness.com and MentalityWOD.com.

Younger Years: Ran around and tried to keep up with my two older brothers. Played basketball (captain), soccer (captain), track, field hockey and soccer in HS – voted “most-athletic” and was the student council president.


Undergrad: Studied Psychology and Sport Coaching, played soccer (captain), basketball and ran track for two years – Interned with the Athletic Training and Sport Management Departments.


After College: Worked as a personal trainer at a gym chain in Maryland – Became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) in 2006 – Spent the next few years breaking company records by training a ton of clients – Coached soccer at my Alma Matter  for a year and doubled as the team’s strength and conditioning coach – Promoted to Fitness Director at Merritt Athletic Club, and managed personal training staff while being head trainer – Discovered CrossFit in late 2007 and began interning at the first box in Maryland.


Graduate School:  Moved to San Diego to obtain my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology – Assisted at the D1 Strength and Conditioning Facility for SDSU and interned with a Sport Psychology Consulting Group (Winning Mind) – Coached individual clients as well as CrossFit classes part-time.



Recent Years: Finished grad school in 2010 and started FletcherFitness.com then a couple of years later MentalityWOD.com – I continue to help people reach CrossFit, fitness and life goals. I work with a few clients one-on-one and I also develop online programs, write, volunteer, and continue to learn. My mission is to make an impact with my passions and gifts.