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I am Dawn Fletcher, owner of and

Who is this site for?

1. You, if you’re on a pursuit. You want something badly. This could be a fitness, performance or life goal, but you know that you want to make it happen, and you’re ready for more. At FF, you and I are pursuing our goals and we are focused on being better than before.

2. You, if you’re okay being different. You’re willing to think outside of the box, try new things, and be unconventional. You aren’t interested in being average, or just going through the motions of life. At FF, I want to help you push your boundaries and set yourself apart. 

3. You, if you want to have a damn good time. You want to explore, adventure, and get out and play. You are at your best when you’re having fun. At FF, I suggest that you embrace your passions and have a damn good time, more often.

4. You, if you’re focused on what really matters.  Sure, you want to improve your fitness and perform better, but you also want to influence others and make an impact on the world around you. At FF, I encourage you to improve yourself, while also giving back and serving others. 

5. You, if you want to improve across the board. You understand that nutrition, sleep, spirituality, recovery, relaxation, self-growth and, relationships are all connected and imperative to your success.  At FF, I coach you to pursue the total package and to be open to learning about how you can improve across the board.

6. You, if you’re willing to find the positive. Injuries, letdowns, changes, sicknesses, setbacks, and losses will impact each of us. Shit will keep happening but we will work together to continue to stay as hopeful and grateful as possible (while also creating space for the struggles). At FF, I’ll help you bring your focus back to the factors that you can control and I’ll encourage you to think about your blessings and opportunities 

7. You, if you’re ready to embrace challenge. You’re okay putting yourself out there and pushing yourself because you know that in order to grow, you’ll need to get uncomfortable. At FF, I teach you to seek challenge because that’s how we find out what works, that’s how we get better and those how we live differently than the norm.


The FF Philosophies

I believe that the following things are really good for us


  • Playing sports, pursuing performance goals and/or doing CrossFit
  • Seeking new, different fitness challenges that are uncomfortable and challenging
  • Doing short and intense conditioning (and goin long every once in a while)
  • Getting stronger mainly through squat, deadlift and press variations
  • Creating a strong, powerful midline
  • Doing single arm and single leg work
  • Sprinting, jumping, crawling, carrying, pushing and pulling sleds, and climbing often
  • Varying your training in as many ways as possible, but staying on specific strength, skill, mobility or conditioning progressions that will help you improve your weaknesses
  • Getting 7+ hours of quality sleep each night
  • Eating adequate amounts of real, nutrient-dense foods
  • Doing soft tissue work (mobility, flexibility, ART) often


  • Laughing and being your weird self
  • Trying lots of new things
  • Getting uncomfortable on purpose
  • Going on adventures and traveling
  • Being spontaneous
  • Dancing
  • Exploring nature and being outside a lot
  • Believing, surrendering & following
  • Making time to be quiet and still each day
  • Simplifying. Focusing on the essential, getting rid of the rest.
  • Helping others (random acts of kindness and purposeful giving of time, resources and love)

Does that sound good or what?

I am dedicated to building a team of ridiculously fit and inspiring individuals. Are you ready to be one of them?