How To Reach Your Goals | 8 Tips


If you want to improve in fitness or life, then it’s important that you have clear and specific goals. First, you’ll want to understand what you want to do, when you want to do it and why it motivates you. Then, you’ll want to set out a plan and get to work. Setting goals, and having desires is often the easy part, but committing and following through are a bit more challenging. Remember that the process of striving towards your […]

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What Paleo Foods To Pack For An Adventure


Ready for an adventure?  A weekend getaway? Going camping? I’m always planning something fun and I try to get out and travel at least once a month. I’m a big fan of quickly throwing some stuff in a cooler, packing a bag, and going to explore for a couple of days (or more).  I also choose to eat real, nutrient-dense foods most of the time. I know that “paleo-eating” makes me feel, and perform my best, so it’s important that I […]

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The Best Kettlebell Workouts


If you want to improve your fitness and perform better, you gotta continue to find ways to challenge yourself. It’s important that you vary your movement patterns and regularly mix up your training routine. You’ll want to use a variety of different exercises, and vary the equipment that you use.  Plus, varying the rep schemes, order of the exercises, and time that you train will keep your training different and fun, yet also very effective. Kettlebells are a great for functional training, […]

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Remind Yourself Of These 3 Powerful Words


3 Powerful Words You want to know what I think are three very powerful words? I can choose.  If you’re working on staying more positive, and being more confident, then this post is for you. If you often feel frustrated, annoyed, down, pissed or upset, then it’s important to remember these three words. Practice saying “I can choose _____” I can choose what affects me I can choose to go forward with a smile I can choose to relax and […]

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Top 8 Tips For Weekly Food Prep


Weekly Food Prep Tips When you take the time to prepare foods in advance, it will make your week a lot easier. Block out some time during the week to do some cooking and prep so that you have healthy food when you get busy, are in a crunch, or are feeling tired and don’t want to mess with dishes. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being hungry and not having anything ready to eat. If you’re committed to eating real […]

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